THE GAME: Rebound Rumble

THE ROBOT: Air Thordan

With 11 motors, 2 pneumatic cylinders, 14 sensors, and a camera system. This is our most complex and professional looking robot yet.


  • Conveyor automatically senses and picks up foam basketballs from the ground
  • Indexing wheel allows us to control shooting one basket ball at a time
  • 4 motor, 6 wheel drive gives us optimal speed, maneuverability
  • high speed dual conveyor belt system fires ball into turret
  • 360 degree turret rotation allows shooting basket from any robot orientation
  • 2 motor high speed wheel in turret boosts ball and provides back spin
  • turret hood allows robot to autonomously adjust angle that ball shoots out
  • camera system provides direction and ranging information for autonomously controlling the turret
  • fully modular electrical control system allows major components to be unplugged and quickly switched out
  • pneumatic powered hammer allows us to lower a draw bridge for us to drive up it, and also helps us balance robots on the bridge.


  • Wisconsin Regional – March 22 – 24, 2012, Milwaukee, WI
    Quarter Finalists. Finished 3 out of 48.




2012 kickoff 005


Christo A, Mark A, Lars A, Jaime A, Natalie A, Paul B, Elijah B, Erkan B, Brennan C, Ty C, Jared C, Jerod C, Sarah D, Sully F, Murray F, Blaque G, Austin I, Carly K, Ian K, Ben K, Isaac K, Matthew L, Dustin L, Tommy L, Shawn M, Alex M, Lucas M, Devin JamM, Bradley N, John P, Dan R, Michael R, Kyle R, Monica S, Shayne T, Brenden T, Morgan W, Hudson W, Joanna W

High Schools Represented:
Auburn High School, Boylan Catholic High School, Eisenhower Middle School, Guilford High School, Hallstrom Home School, Home Schools, Harlem High School, Honnegah High School, East High School, Jefferson High School, Rockford Christian High School, Rockford Lutheran High School

Graduating Seniors:
Lars A: Valparaiso University, Civil Engineering
Jamie A: University of Wisconsin – Platteville, Forensic Science
Ty C: Rock Valley College, Electronics
Murray F: University of Wisconsin – Platteville, Math/Computer Science
Joanna W: Self Employment, Photgrapher

Carol Arreguiin, Mark Anderson, Mark Babler, Ryan Carter, Bud Champlin, Gabriel Cotto, Adam Czerwonka, Jaime Early, Bob Genis, Mary Johnson, Ken Lesko, Chris MaGee, Brad Masbruch, John McInerney, Matthew Rhoades, Erich Roth, Jean Taylor, Will Webber