2007 Build Season Update: Final/Elimination Rounds

At the end of the qualifying rounds we were seeded 30th out of 52 robots. The top 8 teams were then allowed to select two teams to compete with them in the finals. Due to the fact that the number one seeded team was allowed to select the number two seeded team, 15 teams were required to be prepared to draft teams for a final alliance. We were drafted into the finals by the 5th seeded team. Team 2175 was the top seeded rookie team, and the drafted us along with team 930 into the final rounds. In the semi final rounds, we were able to beat out the number 1 and number two seeded teams from the qualifying rounds and move on to the finals. We lost our second round of the finals by 1 point in a 61 to 60 scored match. Overall we felt lucky to have been given a chance to compete in the finals and were ecstatic about our success and ability to bring home a regional finalist award. We are looking forward to next year and hopefully will get a chance to compete at the national competition.