2007 Build Season Update: Radio Controlled Mode

During the radio controlled period (2 minutes long), the teams could score two types of pieces called “ringers” and “spoilers”. Placing a spoiler over the opposing alliances game pieces effectively nullified the score of that game piece. Spoilers were the only pieces allowed to be removed from the rack and replaced over another piece. The scoring of the game pieces was based on 2 to the power of the length of a run in either the horizontal or vertical direction. For instance, a single tube was only worth 2 points, however 8 tubes on all of the spider legs on one level of the rack was equal to 256 points. This proved to be a very difficult task, however it was achieved by one alliance during the qualifying rounds. One of the teams that achieved this, “Robot Casserole” was eliminated by our alliance during the semi-final rounds thanks to the great defense played by our alliance members. Bonus points were also awarded for lifting robots off of the ground in your own alliances home zone at the end of the match. Our robot was designed to place ringers on the middle and bottom levels of the rack and two lift two robots 13″ off of the ground. Robots lifted 4″ or higher were awarded 15 points per robot, and robots lifted 12″ or higher were awarded 30 points per robot. In our best round, we were able to place two ringers on the rack and lift two robots off of the ground scoring 64 points for our alliance.