2009 Build Season Update: Week 2 Activities

The special ops subteam has finished the design of the conveyor system for the robot. The conveyors will consist of two 3 foot belt assemblies that spin in opposite directions, this will suck the balls up the conveyor and into our hopper system. The system will be run by two motors. We will be approaching sponsors to have some of the custom parts needed for our conveyor system! The special ops team has subdivided even further to design the hopper and turret systems.

The programming team has begun work on, well, programming. The camera, provided in the robot parts kit, has been placed on the kit bot and the team has started programming for autonomous mode, as well as, tele-operated mode. In tele-operated mode our goal for the robot is to automatically aim the turret and shoot balls in an opponents trailer.

One of our new mentors with woodworking skills has built a trailer for us to be able to practice on. On Saturday the chassis team cut and welded the general frame together, with the help of a mentor from the Winnovation team. We are sure there will be more welding needed and we hope to engage Superior Joining in these activities. The chassis team has begun work on the mounting of the gear boxes.

 The goal for week three is to rap up the special ops designs and start ordering parts. We have also designed a pit structure that will hold our banner, have a white board, peg board for hanging tools, and a coat rack and flag holder. This will be made out of 1 inch aluminum tubing.