2009 Build Season Update: Week 5 Activities

The 5th week of the build season has been filled to the brim with work, work, work. The 3 systems of the robot – the turret, hopper, and conveyor systems – have been fully designed and are being built. But the main issue for the team this week has been the frame. The frame which was required to integrate all 3 sub-systems go a late start, therefore it didn’t get to the welder until late last week. It was cut, pop-rivoted together, and sent off to the welder for tacking together on Friday. The frame was picked up on Saturday to do some work on it over the weekend, and the mounting of the 3 systems was finalized. It went back to the welder Monday, and it’s back so we can start assembling subsystems onto it tonight. The team has finished prototyping the lift system for the bot, the conveyor parts are complete, and the angles for our turret have been welded. Our bumpers have been assembled and we made sure that they weighed the maximum amount – 18 pounds – so our robot can have weight at ground level to be more stable on the slick playing field.

The programming for the robot is almost complete. The programming team have finished the controller feedback, this will give graphical representations of the robot’s functions. The programming of single drive, the camera function, and auto joystick functions for the conveyor has been finished this week as well.

The hotels for are first competition in Chicago are being finalized. The decals that will display our sponsors on the Incredible Hulk and the trading cards are being designed.

We will be burning the midnight oil all week as we try to insure we have a competitive Bot before we ship next Tuesday.