2011 Build Season Update: Week 2 Activities

While Robot frame is off site being welded, the Drive Train sub-team continued work by using CAD to integrate motors into the design. Team ordered extra chain, links, and sprockets. We will use these materials to control the Robot’s locomotion.

Special Ops Team 1, the “arm” sub-team, completed CAD design of the robotic arm. We are using a chain drive to operate the primary arm pivot and a pneumatic system to control the “claw” and “wrist” movements.

Special Ops Team 2, the “mini-bot” team, is adapting a Tetrix kit to make a customized miniature robot capable of quickly moving up a vertical pole. The mini-bot will employ neodymium magnets to grab the pole and an electronic motor to propel it upwards. Tetrix kits are similar to an erector set. Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of permanent magnets made

The USFirst organization provided new equipment to control motors. The programming team is learning to use this equipment and integrate it into robot design.