2011 Build Season Update: Week 3 Activities

The robot drive train welding is complete. The Drive Train Team and the Special Ops Team 1, the “arm” team, are working together to attach the arm to the frame. Some team members are also working to construct the frame bumpers and sew bumper covers.

The Programming Team completed basic programs for the motor controllers. They are now waiting for build teams to finish robot construction. Then they will integrate programming controls into the robot.

Special Ops Team 2, the “minibot” team, completed construction of a working prototype. However, after experimenting with the prototype, students decided they needed a faster minibot. So it was back to the design stage. They removed gear boxes, which changed the gear ratio thus increasing the minibot’s speed. They are now working on a wheel and shaft assembly to propel the minibot.

Mini-bot team finally got bot to ascend score pole. After bot climbs pole, pneumatics push a magnet out so it stays there. This addresses concerns that after bot ascended pole, it would quickly slide down and destroy components.

Behind the scenes – grant requests, assembling bumpers (including sewing team numbers to fabric), creating a scouting sheet, button design.