2011 Build Season Update: Week 4 Activities

Special Ops Team 1, the “arm” team, attached the robot arm to the drive train. They are now adjusting arm’s linkage so that it will fully retract within the robot body when not in use.

Special Ops Team 2, the “minibot” team, is still working to optimize the minibot design. They have agreed on four inch wheels with a 90 degree orientation. And they modified the gear boxes to increase speed by removing gear stages.

The Programming Team is wiring the drive train and arm. Because the robot drive train is complete, students working on this team were assigned to other projects
Students also worked on projects not associated with hands-on robot building.

      • Because GE Aviation graciously offered to perform a design review, sub-team captains are putting together a power point presentation that includes CAD drawings, calculations, and solid descriptions as well as game strategies.
      • Other students are constructing a battery charging station. The robot operates off of one battery, but it may only have sufficient charge for one competition round. The team designed the robot so they can easily swap out batteries. Our new station can charge up to six batteries at a time.
      • A third group of students put together a “test” to help the team choose who will drive the robot during competitions. It includes an interview, a problem solving components, and a manipulative game to check dexterity.
      • And yet a fourth group of students is preparing our submission for the Wisconsin Regional Chairman’s Award.