2014 Build Season Update: Week 1 Activities

Aerial Assist requires we build a robot that can pick up balls from the field, pass them from one robot to another, and shoot them into a goal. We get extra points for working with alliance partners to move the ball from robot to robot before attempting to score.
To address these challenges, our plan is to use a catapult for shooting the ball into the goal and a roller system to pick up balls from the field. We will also use the catapult to pass the ball between robots.

During the first week of build season:

      • The mechanical sub-team has been working on CAD (Computer Aided Design) for the pickup system and drive train.
      • The media team is working on our Chairman’s Award application. They are also designing a lamp — using the US FIRST e-watt bulb — for a Central Illinois Regional challenge.
      • Parents are helping build a practice field.
      • And some students are restoring older bots to use during our driver competition.