2014 Build Season Update: Week 2 Activities

During the Build Season Week Two, students built a wooden prototype of the robot. They used it to test and refine robot design parameters. After testing was complete, the mechanical sub-team used CAD software to draw the drive train, ball pick-up system, and shooter.

Local companies are helping with tasks we are unable to perform at our ‘bot shop. Superior Joining Technologies is welding our frame. Woodward is machining insert for pickup rollers. On Tuesday, Jan. 21, a student group will meet with GE Aviation engineers for a design review.

Students are also working on other build tasks including making robot bumpers and assembling gear boxes.

The Media Team completed design of t-shirts and promotional buttons. They also are working on a video that will be used to introduce the team to the Central Illinois Regional Competition.

Lastly, a student group put together a test for robot drivers.