2015 Robofest

2015_robofestWe had a fantastic time at Milwaukee’s RoboFest 2015! There were 15 teams, so the elimination rounds consisted of 4 alliances with four teams and one alliance with three. Our alliance included Rockford Robotics, Winnovation, Flaming Monkeys, and the Hilltoppers. After finishing 2nd in the semi-finals, we advanced to the final round. After two matches in the finals, we were tied with the competing alliance (which included Wave Robotics and Fondy Fire.) This forced a nail-biter third match which we lost by 10 points. Final score for the 3rd match was 112-122.

Students and adults had a great time, with different people trying their hand on drive team. It was nice to reconnect with some teams that joined us at R2OC as well.

Robofest boasted record crowds. We were happy to be a part of this annual event.