2013 GAME: Ultimate Ascent

THE ROBOT: King Cobra


  • accurate full court 3 point shooter
  • shooter with adjustable speed and angle
  • pneumatic powered hatch or direct loading for manual frisbee loading
  • software tracks number of frisbees in robot
  • reliable floor pickup
  • 4 motor, 6 wheel drive base with 2 omni wheels and traction wheels
  • dynamic front end
  • camera system provides direction and range information for autonomously controlling the shooter
  • modular electrical control system allows major components to be unplugged and quickly switched out
  • 10 point climb hooks

overall: 9 motors, 3 pneumatic cylinders, 6 sensors and a camera system


  • Wisconsin Regional – March 21 – 23, 2013, Milwaukee, WI
    Finished 52 out of 57 with a record of 3-7-0.
  • Midwest Regional – April 4 – 6, 2013, Chicago, IL
    Finished 31 out of 53 with a record of 4-7-0
  • First Championship – April 24 – 27, 2013, St. Louis, MO
    Assigned to Curie Division. Seeded 60 out of 100.
    Finished in 22th Place.





Mark A, Elijah B, Mia B, Patrick B, Nathan C, William C, Sarah D, Tristan F, Baily H, Rachel H, Mitchell K, Carly K, Matthew K, Ian K, Ben K, Isaac K, Harold L, Andrew L, Jacob K, Tommy L, Shawn M, Alex M, Calvin N, Beini P, John P, Ben P, Kyle R, Preston S, Amanda S, Tim S, Brenden T, Shane T, Maggie T, Albert U, William V, Morgan W, Kyle W, Austin W, Cassie Z

High Schools Represented:
Auburn High School, Belvidere North High School, Boylan Catholic High School, Byron High School, Christian Life High School, East High School, Eisnehower Middle School, Guilford High School, Holy Family Catholic School, Jefferson High School, Keith Country Day, Pecatonica High School, Rockford Christian High School, Rockford Lutheran High School, Winnebago High School and several homeschool associations.

Graduating Seniors:
Mark A: Michigan Technological University, Computer Science/Theater Technology
Matthew K: Franciscan University, Mechanical Engineering
Rachel H: Rock Valley College, Mechanical Engineering
Isaac K: Rock Valley College, Mechanical Engineering
Tommy L: Southern Illinois University, Mechanical Engineering
John P: Texas, Mechanical Engineering
Morgan W: University of Wisconsin, Platteville, Mechanical Engineering
Cassie Z: Rock Valley College, Social Work

Carol Arreguiin, Bud Champlin, Gabriel Cotto, Adam Czerwonka, Mary Johnson, Ken Lesko, Christina MaGee, Brad Masbruch, John McInerney, Trevor Nichols, Matthew Rhoades, Erich Roth, Brian Speaker, Jean Taylor