2016 GAME: Stronghold


  • a 13 x 27.5 x 32 drive train
  • 12 wheels: 4 mechanum, 8 traction
  • 11 motors: 8 drive train, 3 auxiliary systems
  • 4 gear boxes
  • dual purpose PTO boxes (power take off boxes) used to control drive train and lift robot in end game
  • a pneumatic compressor to shift gears and lift shooter arm
  • 19,000 RPM shooter
  • an extension arm climb system




  • Central Illinois – March 17 – 19, 2016, Peoria, IL
    After qualifying rounds, ranked 34 of 40.
  • Midwest Regional – March 30 – April 2 – 4, 2016, Chicago, IL
    After qualifying rounds, ranked 13 of 52. Chosen for alliance by the 11th seed team.
    Finished as a Quarter Finalist


  • Gracious Professionalism Award, Midwest Regional
    This award celebrates outstanding demonstration of FIRST Core Values such as continuous Gracious Professionalism® working together both on and off the playing field.




2016 team pic

Cory A, Mia B, Nate C, Meagan C, Silvia D, Ellie F, Dante G, Brooke H, Rebecca H, Sarah K, Rubin L, Addie L, Joel M, Leah M,  Michael M, Dalton M,  Jeremy P, Ben P, Jacob P, Brady P, Logan P, Garrett R, Joshua S, David S, Jacob W

High Schools Represented:
Auburn, Belvidere North, Christian Life, East, Harlem, Keith Country Day, Lutheran, North Boone, Oregon, Pecatonica, Rockford Christrian, Trinity Oaks Christian Academy, and several Home Schools

Brenda Adami, Carol Arreguin, Nancy Bowitz, Mary Ann Brown, Terry Brown, Gabriel Cotto, Adam Czerwonka, Mary Johnson, Christina MaGee, Brad Masbruch, John McInerney, David Mouri, Trevor Nichols, Terrill Power, Matthew Rhoades, Lucas Shroeder, Jean Taylor, Eric Williams

Graduating Seniors:
Mia B – UW Platteville, Mechanical Engineering
Nate C – Iowa State University, Mechanical Engineering
Meagan C – LeTourneau University, Nursing
Sylvia D – University of Chicago, Molecular Engineering
Ellie F – Bradley University, Electrical Engineering
Dante G – Rock Valley College
Brooke H – Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Biomedical Engineering
Rebecca H – Rock Valley College, Business
Rubin L – NIU at Rock Valley College, Mechanical Engineering
Addie L – Illinois State University, Outdoor Recreation
Jeremy P – Illinois Institute of Technology, Computer Science
Joshua S – Milwaukee School of Engineering. Civil Engineering



Click on the albums below to see pictures from the Kick-off, FLL Going to State Celebration, Central Illinois Regional, Midwest Regional and Senior Recognition Picnic.