Team Documents

Internal Purchase Request – Use this document when you need to request parts. Please be sure to include the vendor, part number, and price.

Capital Request Form – Students can use this form to request equipment purchases. All capital requests must be approved by Mentor Board

Expense Reimbursement Form – Team members should you this form when requesting reimbursement for out-of-pocket expenses made on behalf of Rockford Robotics.

Team 2039 Handbook – Information and guidelines for all team members

Liability Wavier – All team members are asked to sign a liability waiver.

Sponsor Presentation – This is a pdf file of slides we used during presentations to sponsors. It highlights team activities and finances.

Sponsorship Levels – For promotional opportunities vary with sponsorship levels

FRC Informational Meeting Slides – This is a pdf file of the slides we used during our team informational meeting.

Safety Meeting Slides – This is a pdf file of the slides presented during our mandatory safety meeting.

Supplier List – This is a pdf file of supplier contact information. This information is also available in an excel spreadsheet with hyperlinks to the supplier websites.