2012 Build Season Update: Week 2 Activities

Team 2039 is off to a good start. We decide it is important for our robot to be maneuverable, to easily pick up balls, and to accurately shoot them in baskets. With this in mind, we formed several subteams:

      • Electrical & Programming
      • Drive Train & Chassis
      • Special OPs 1 – Appendages & Ballast
      • Special OPs 2 – Ball Capture & Pickup
      • Special OPs 3 – Ball Shooter
      • Animation
      • Public Relations & Organization

We also have a temporary systems team that is working to integrate the work of the design/build teams.

The Electrical Team is working to house all the electronics in a sealed house, this will protect them from dust and metal shavings that have cause problems with the systems in past robots. Programming has not started yet, but the team is brainstorming ways to use the camera to detect many attributes of our targets like angle, position, and distance using special computer software connected with our robot in new ways.

The Drive Train/ Chassis sub team worked with Inventor to design the frame while implementing a well learned design lesson. Next week we plan on cutting and welding, and hopefully prototyping our frame.

Special Ops 1 has designed an appendage to assist in the collection of balls on the field, based on an idea by lead mentor Adam. The appendage is made up of two spirals, one for the front-leftcof the robot and another for the front-right. These spirals are going to be made of PVC and then provided a thread of something like surgical tubing which will twist such that, when both PVCs are attached to motors, the ball would hit a pipe and follow the surgical tubing into the middle. We also designed a ballast that will automatically move a large mass such that the robot has better balance.

Special Ops 2 met and discussed ball pick up and handling strategies. We made several plans for the storage of the basketballs and reviewed the pros and cons of each. We also spoke with Special Ops 3 and went over space constraints within the robot.

Special Ops 3 began to prototype different shooter designs. We started a CAD drawing of a ball accelerator. We also build a gear box to launch balls.