2012 Build Season Update: Week 3 Activities

During Week 3 the teams presented the individual designs to GE for a design review. Each team also worked on CAD models and started prototyping. Construction of the practice field bridge and barrier were completed.

The electrical team completed CAD drawings of electrical boxes. They continue to work with other sub-teams to confirm motor needs and plan to order all remaining components this week.

The programming team is working to complete the systems design document. They are also programming the X-Box Kinect which will be used during the Hybrid portion of the competition.

The Drive Train/ Chassis completed rebuilding improved gearboxes. Their next step is to build the frame.

Special Ops 1, Balancing and Bridge Management completed the CAD design of the appendage to lower the bridge. Next step is to complete prototyping.

Special Ops 2, Ball Capture and Pickup, completed 90% of the CAD design. The objective for next week is to complete the integration with other systems and complete the prototype.

Special Ops 3, Ball Shooter, completed a prototype shooter design and found that it had a fairly good average. This week’s task is to complete the CAD drawing of a ball accelerator.

The animation team worked on the assignment: to create an animation that demonstrates a way to improve the education system. So far, they have decided on a story line and completed the story board. Next they are working on character modeling.