2012 Build Season Update: Week 4 Activities

This week our team worked to finish all our pre-construction tasks including CAD designs, systems requirements, and playing field construction. We also started assembling some parts such as an electrical box and the ball accelerator.

The electrical and programming team is working on software design. They create the design to define the logic needed to operate particular robot subsystems. Each subteam will use their software design and convert it into the code the controls the robot. Students are wiring a standard electrical box power which includes a distribution board, control, and all the electronics for robot. The wiring translates the inputs and outputs into actions such moving the arm up and down or the drive train backwards and forward.

Our robot design includes a camera mounted atop the shooter. As the shooter moves the camera will focus on a special light reflecting tape that marks the target. By centering on the tape, we can accurately aim our shooter and hopefully score baskets.

This year our plan is to have a few student programmers assigned to each subteam. To make sure programming is consistent between subteams, students and mentors developed a systems requirements document. This document spells out all electronic and programming needs. It specifically lists all necessary electronic equipment such as motors, controllers, wiring, sensors, and photo eyes. It also clearly defines the programming associated with each component of the robot, including manual and automated controls.

The CAD team is finalizing dimensions and adjusting parts so everything works together. Students finished the frame, and ball loader designs. They are still working on the shooter and arm extension design. Based on the CAD drawings, drive team members cut and labeled aluminum tubing prior to sending it for welding. Superior Joining Technologies is doing the welding for us.