2012 Build Season Update: Week 5 Activities

We used our CAD drawings to cut chassis frame parts. Thank you to Superior Joining for welding the over 70 joints together. We are now working to attach wheels to the frame and mount the gear boxes and chains that will drive the robot.

The electrical team is finishing up the modular electrical box. It will control the robot’s operation.

The ball capture and pick-up sub-team cut out all of the pieces to their appropriate lengths. Additionally, students used the band saw to cut pvc pipe into rings. We glued these rings in another piece of pvc pipe. We will use this part to safely hold the polycord which pulls the balls into the shooter system. Several of our team members also participated in the driver competition.

The ball shooter sub-team has been working on the accelerator to fire the balls. The motor still needs to be attached. Next is testing our design.

The animation team has bee brainstorming on designs for the main character that will be featured in our animation. Also, we have been coming up with ideas for characters that will be in the background of the video. Right now, we are planning on making the background characters look somewhat like each member of the team. We hope this will add individuality to our final product.

Choosing the right drivers is an important part of our game strategy. Team leaders Eli and Mark developed a rubric for comparing driver skills. Potential drivers used last year’s robot to:

      • Drive between cones, both forward and backward.
      • Drive blindfolded while getting directions from a team member.
      • Drive as close as they could to a marked line without going over it.

The goal of these tests was to evaluate the potential driver’s dexterity, communication skills, and ability to deal with stress. We will announce our robot drivers to the team in the coming week.