2012 Build Season Update: Week 6 Activities

We may have been a bit ambitious with our plans to build two robots. Our new plan is to build only one ball collection and accelerator system which can be easily swapped between drive trains.

The systems-electrical subteam finished assembly of one electronics box and mounted it on a chassis. They are now building another electronics box for our second drive train. Software design is complete. Students are now writing programs to operate robot components.

The chassis/drive train team learned that you can’t anticipate everything in your CAD design. Even though the chassis was constructed as designed, there were construction challenges. Two frame supports were removed due to alignment of the gear boxes. Our strategy of making two drive trains will allow us to test different wheels. Pneumatic wheels were installed on one drive train and regular wheels on the other. We will have to determine which provides better locomotion while keeping in mind the how much weight the different wheels add to the robot.

The ball accelerator sub-team had to rethink their design. As a result of the precision required by original accelerator design, they decided to construct a simpler system.

By the end of next week, the team plans to have a fully functioning robot and be practicing our driving skills.