2013 Build Season Update: Week 1 Activities

This year’s game challenge involves picking up frisbees and  launching them into targets. Points are awarded based on the difficulty of the target. Teams can earn even more points if their robot climbs a tower.

To address these challenges, we divided into four subteams: shooter/pickup mechanism, climbing mechanism, programming and electrical. We also have students specialists work on Computer Aided Design, marketing, and design prototypes.

Team members brainstormed for robot design ideas during the kickoff weekend. Following this activity, our first project was to build simple prototypes. Students claim they used quantum mechanics — or maybe plain old physics — in developing prototypes.

From the prototypes, students used Computer Aided Design, CAD, to develop schematics for the drive train and the frisbee shooter. We will deliver these schematics and our drive train frame to team sponsor Superior Joining early next week. Students hope to be present while they do welding work for us.