Rockford Robotics ends the 2013 competition season on a high note.

robot 2014, black bkgrdOur 2013 season could be considered one of continuous quality improvement.

By refining our robot design, practicing our driving skills, and adjusting our game strategies, we improved our team’s performance at each event in which we participated.

At our first competition in Wisconsin, we finished 52 out 57. After addressing frisbee loading and stability issues, we finished 31 out of 53 at our second competition in Chicago.

We were excited to be invited to the St. Louis Championships, where we were assigned to the Curie Division. At the competition, it was apparent that our design strategy of being a tall cross-court powerful shooter with a quick 10-point consistent climb proved to be a good plan. While we were seeded 60 out of the 100 teams in our division, we finished 22th. And our robot was assigned to serve as an alternate during the elimination rounds.

Students logged over 3300 man-hours while designing and constructing our 2013 robot. We’re proud of the results of their hard work. We look forward to applying the lessons learned in 2013 to the next build season.