2013 Robofest Off-Season Competition

robofest_2013_picOn September 28, 2013 Rockford Robotics competed at the RoboFest Off-Season Competition in Milwaukee, WI. RoboFest is part of a weekend festival that celebrates science, technology, engineering, and math. …And we won!

Our team was 6th after qualifying, but we ended up picking 5th out of 5 alliances. We picked Ultimate Protection Squad and Winnovation B team, which ended up being a very well rounded team. UPS scored a lot of autonomous points (usually 18), and Winnovation B played great defense by almost completely shutting down the best offensive teams on the other alliances (which was Winnovation A in the finals.) We went through 3 matches without losing a game. Our drive team was excellent as we hit almost all our autonomous points, and then eluded the defense to score a lot of teleop points.