2015 Rock River Off-Season Competition

R2OC was a good competition for ALFIE. The Recycling Container (RC) Stabilizer, as simple as it is, was a big help. It allowed us to make full stacks at the feeder station instead of half-stacks at a time, which was our previous strategy. ALFIE performed consistently and built up to 2 and a half stacks in a match.

We ranked 7th in qualifying and became the 5th alliance captain for Eliminations. ALFIE had its best run of the day in the first elimination match. Despite that, we were simply outmatched by the 4th alliance, captained by Fondy Fire, and ultimately eliminated. We may have been beaten, but at least we were beaten at our best.

Mentor Trevor Nichols gave a shout-out to Team 2039 saying, “Special thanks to all the Rockford Robotics volunteers. Everywhere I went, there were Rockford Robotics students, mentors, and friends volunteering. Rockford Robotics was a huge part of making R2OC possible. Thank you.”