FTC Northern League West Division Meet 1

Rockford Robotics hosted the first meet of the 2015/16 FTC season for the Northern League West Division on Saturday, November 14 at Guilford High School. The fifteen participating teams included four rookie teams. Each team competed in five matches. League play is a bit different than traditional qualify matches. Each league meet will has inspections and qualifying matches, but no judging sessions or formal ceremonies. Standings from the league meets are cumulative and guide alliance selection at the league championship.

Attending teams included Octopi (6007), Breaking Bot (7627), Robotic Lions (7715), Rockford RoboTECH (8003), Techno Tamerins (8685), Robo Vikings (8698), KISS Robotics (8706), E-Robotics (8708), Rough Robotics (8709), E-Robotics (8708), Fruit Salad (8817), WOW Robotics (9239), Rolling Thunder (9411), They Might Be Robots (10326), Dream Machine (10482), and Minivation (10505).

Thank you to Eric Williams, Chris Magee and the many local volunteers for their work in organizing and operating this event.

Click on the albums below to see pictures from the meet.

Adopt A Road – Fall 2015

adopt_rd_2015Rockford Robotics team members met on Sunday, October 25 to clean a segment of Springfield road as part of our commitment to the Adopt-A-Road program. The day started pretty chilly and dewey, but the sun was shining and the trees along our stretch of road were at full peak glory fall colors. Absolutely beautiful!

We managed to find some weird items, including a decorative pillow, fully wrapped with a saying on it, an alarm clock, a calculator face, and a $5.00 bill

Thanks to Mr. Power, Logan, Eric, Brenda, Addie, Jean, Ellie, Josh, Lukas, and Mia for coming out on a brisk October morning!!