2017 Build Season: Week 1 Activities

The first week of the 2017 Build Season was a busy one. Team members held strategy sessions and began prototyping the robot.

This year’s game, FIRST┬« Steamworks┬«, offers several ways to earn points: feeding gears into a “airship,” feeding fuel, i.e., balls, into “boilers” to produce “steam power,” and ascending a rope to signal the “airship take-off”.

The points earned for each task varies. Our team held strategy sessions to evaluate design and building priorities. Our first priority is to design/build a robot capable of reliably feeding gears into the airship. We also plan for the robot to include a ball pickup/delivery system and to be capable of climbing rope during the endgame.

The students are now designing and prototyping four sub-systems: drive train, gear load, storage, and delivery; ball pickup, storage and delivery, and rope climbing.

Aside from robot design/build tasks, the visited with other members of the FIRST Robotics family. On Thursday, January 12, local FIRST Tech Challenge and FIRST Lego League visited the ‘Bot Shop. The FTC teams used FTC field to prepare for their last league play meet on Saturday.

Also, the six FLL teams were six from our region that qualified for the state championship who attended a “We’re Going to State Celebration” at Superior Joining Technologies. Teams represented Marshall Middle School, Froberg Elementary School, Eisenhower Middle School, Rockford Christian (2 teams) and Belvidere.