2018 Build Season: Week 1

It’s all about strategy.

This year’s game challenge requires that robot pick up cubes and put them on “switches” and “scales.” Teams earn points for each second they have control of the switches and scales. During the end game, robots can climb a wall to earn even more points.
Our team spent the first few days working on a strategies to for our robot design: Our goals are for Robot to be able to:
  • score at least two layers of cubes on the scale.
  • pick up cubes from the ground in any orientation, and should be able to receive cubes from the Portal/Exchange
  • climb the wall and provide a platform for other robots
  • quickly score cubes onto the Switch from either side in during autonomous operation
Student subteams are working on specific tasks.The mechanical team is working on drive team design and building a prototype lifter. The programmers are reviewing Labview software  and researching which encoders and gyros to use for robot control. The electrical subteam is building a prototype electrical board for software and programming to use for tests.


Week 1 Video: