2018 Build Season: Week 2

Each of Rockford Robotics’ 36 students is a member of a sub-team.

Each sub-team concentrates on a particular facet of robot build and team support. Below are some highlights from week 2.

  • Mechanical Team A completed the drive train design and CAD drawings. They also have cut frame pieces to be sent for welding. Many thanks to Superior Joining Technologies, Inc. for providing welding services. This year’s drive train features plaction wheels, which should provide increased traction and pushing power. It also is designed for easy access when replacing wheels.
  • Mechanical Team B began construction of a telescoping mast. During the endgame, teams earn points when their robot ascends the scale. The telescoping mast was designed to allow our robot to ascend the scale and then support two other robots.
  • Mechanical Team C is working on an arm and gripper. It is designed with four degrees of freedom, which should allow for flexibility and fast scoring. Students are also designing/prototyping a cube centering system that will work in conjunction with the gripper.
  • The Programming Team is working on drive code. One specific accomplishment this week was translating wheel revolutions into distance.
  • The Electrical Team created a pneumatics prototype board and finalized the electrical layout design.
  • The Media Team has three projects in process: t-shirt design, promotional button design, and producing a new promotional flyer.

Week 2 Video: