2018 Build Season: Week 3

This year’s game challenge requires that robot pick up cubes and put them on “switches” and “scales.”

Teams earn points for each second they have control of the switches and scales. During the end game, robots can climb a wall to earn even more points.
Our team spent the first few days working on a strategies to for our robot design: Our goals are for Robot to be able to:
  • score at least two layers of cubes on the scale.
  • pick up cubes from the ground in any orientation, and should be able to receive cubes from the Portal/Exchange
  • climb the wall and provide a platform for other robots
  • quickly score cubes onto the Switch from either side during autonomous operation
To reach these goals, the sub teams have been working diligently. Here is what they have accomplished: 
CAD has now fully designed the centering arms for the robot, and has added the drive train to the CAD model.
Electrical & Programming have been working closely together testing encoders and sub-units. They have also been preparing to make the basic logic code for both teleop and autonomous programs.
Media has been working on  T-shirt designs (which are currently being voted on),  has almost finished updating the brochure, and has updated the sponsor presentations. They also had a design review of the robot at GE and got some wonderful feedback, and have two sponsorship presentations coming up this next week, one at UTAS and one at Woodward.
Mechanical has built the lift, just now adding reinforcements and adding the motor to it. They have both fully designed and prototyped the intake for the power cubes. The frame is currently being welded by one of the team’s sponsors. The “flipper gripper” has had the gripper and arms made, with the turret base and arm lock being worked on.
Week 3 Video: