2018 Build Season: Week 5

The team is putting finishing touches on our 2018 robot.CAD is working on the sub assembly systems for the lift and flipper gripper

Electrical has created the electrical board and has mounted electronics to said board. They have completely wired both the lift and drive train. They are beginning to work on the pneumatic components of the robot. 

Programming has turned the pseudo code into lab view code. They are working on optimizing their understanding of the lift, centering arms, and the flipper gripper so that they can automate the cube pickup better. 

Media has given a presentation to one of our sponsors, Bergstrom. They are working on flyers for the open house, and on updating our team’s digital footprint. 

Mechanical  succeeded in mounting the turret to the lift system by Feb 6th, and then added more supports to the robot. They have also increased the gearing on the robot to make the flipper gripper faster. They plan to mount the flipper gripper to the lift by Tuesday, February 13th.

Week 5 Video: