2018 Build Season: Week 6

With bag day just around the corner, the team has been working diligently.

CAD has been working on parts to help with mounting things such as window motors.  

Electrical has been wiring and mounting sensors on the robot and has finished wiring the “arm” of the robot.  

Programming finished the logic and code implementation with regards to the lift and rotating and flipping systems. They are currently working on auto programs for the left and right side switches as well as auto that will be able to function in the center position [basically, understanding the robot’s  movements with various tools such as gyroscopes and encoders].

Media has been working on the robot’s bumpers, painting the pit, and has finished the open house flyer. 

Mechanical  mounted the turret to the robot lift and is now working on mounting censors to the robot and creating the hanging mechanism. Besides this, the mechanical sub-team is also fine-tuning the robot to meet weight requirements.  

This year’s game [First Power Up] challenge requires that robot pick up cubes and put them on “switches” and “scales.” Teams earn points for each second they have control of the switches and scales. During the end game, robots can climb a wall to earn even more points.

Week 6 Video: