2019 Build Season: Week 2

Students with welded drive train components.

During Build Week 1, the team analyzed the game, developed the game strategy, designed the drive train, and built manipulator prototypes.

Now in week 2:
We have begun to assemble drive train. This year, we will mount gear boxes directly on frame. This means no belts or chains connecting them to which, in theory, should result in less maintenance and more durability. A big thank you to Superior Joining for working with students to weld drive train frame.

  • Students completed CAD renderings of drive train, climbing system, and lift. They are in process of designing hatch and cargo manipulators.
  • Our electronics sub-team learning to work with sensors and are welding ultrasonic sensors prior to installing them in the electronics boards.
  • And yet another group of students is developing a scouting system.

Week 1 video: