2020 Build Season Week 3

Rockford Robotics spent the past few weeks developing prototypes and improving our design and construction skills.

Robot work included:

  • Prototyping the overhead roller intake system.
  • Prototyping the ball lift and acceleration system. We are planning a single wheel to lift, accelerate, and feed a front shooter. The whole mechanism will be fitted on a rotary turret.
  • Working on system to line up balls for the shooter. We are considering both a 4-polycord system or a 2-belt system, depending on which will provide better control.
  • Designing the drive train. We are planning to construct an eight wheel drop center drive train with traction wheels. Our goal is to have a short turn radius, but enough stability for shooting balls into target.
  • Programming a prototype vision system to line and aim the shooter. Great work by our programming team of Kevin, Dawson & Bob!

We also held a CAD training class to teach basic skills. To learn this skill, everyone made used cad to design a basic part, — a 1 x 2 tube. Our goal is to fully CAD our robot before constructing it.