FTC Team 8003

FIRST Tech Challenge Team 8003, Rockford Robotech,  was formed in 2013.

Students members came from seven private, public, and home schools. They worked together to build a robot named Artemis. The team participated in the Pekin and Batavia qualifying tournaments, and won the Connect Award in Batavia. This award acknowledges outstanding efforts in community outreach.


2014/15 Roster: Tyler, Corey, Jakeb, Garrett, Jena, Eli, Aoife, Cameron, and Damien
— Carol Arreguin, Terry Brown, Gabe Cotto, Anthony Tanios, Jean Taylor, and Eric Williams served as mentors.

2013/14 Roster: Corey, Jonah, Rebecca, Aaron, Ben, Austin, Benjamin, Annika, Garret, and Cole.
— Carol Arrequin, Mary Ann Brown, Terry Brown, Gabriel Cotto, and Eric Williams served as mentors.